Cleaning Up Your Cleaning Routine: 3 Commonly Overlooked Tasks

Posted on: 14 April 2015

According to a survey conducted in 2011, the average American spends a mere 11 minutes each day cleaning their home. If you find that your home is in need of more regular cleaning than you have time to provide, bringing in a professional cleaning company could be beneficial.

Here are three commonly overlooked cleaning tasks that a professional cleaner can take off your to-do list in the future.

1. Cleaning The Baseboards

Many homeowners tend to focus on cleaning only the parts of their home that are at eye-level. Windows get washed and shelves get dusted, but anything above or below eye-level is often neglected.

Baseboards have a tendency to collect dust quickly, and hiring a cleaning company to ensure your baseboards stay dust-free will prevent you from having to bend over to complete this cleaning task. Ask your cleaning service to ensure that baseboards are cleaned at least once per month, and you will be on your way to a dust-free home in no time.

2. Disinfecting Doorknobs

Take a few moments to think about how many dirty hands touch the doorknobs in your home each day. Doorknobs can become a breeding ground for germs, making them one of the dirtiest parts of your home.

This is especially true for doorknobs made from stainless steel or glass since these surfaces don't disinfect themselves like copper or brass doorknobs do. Having a professional cleaning company wipe down all the doorknobs in your home could not only reduce dirt, but prevent illness as well.

3. Cleaning Behind The Refrigerator

Few people want to strain their muscles pulling a heavy refrigerator away from the wall, and the area behind the fridge can become very dirty in most homes as a result of this aversion to moving the fridge.

Hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of removing the gunk from behind your refrigerator at least twice each year will help your appliance run more efficiently. When the coils responsible for cooling your refrigerator become caked in dirt they can begin to malfunction. This causes your fridge to use more energy in order to keep your food cold, which results in higher utility costs over time. Keep your home clean and your costs down by hiring a professional company to clean behind your fridge.

Deep cleaning tasks (like wiping down baseboards and doorknobs, and cleaning behind the fridge) can be overlooked by homeowners. Making the choice invest in professional cleaning services will ensure that you don't have to sacrifice additional time or energy to keep your home as clean as possible.