Understand Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is So Critical

Posted on: 5 January 2023

Some homeowners don't realize the importance of professional carpet cleaning. They may just focus on vacuuming regularly. However, not realizing how important it is for their carpet to also be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company can be something that costs them in the long run. This article will explain things about carpets that will help you gain a better understanding of the importance of professional carpet cleaning.

Understand how carpet is made and laid

It's important to understand how the carpet can hold in dirt and other particles. Once you understand this, the importance of having professional carpet cleaning done will become more obvious. The carpet yarn is sewn into a backing and then glue is applied to prevent it from coming undone. Before the carpet is installed, padding will be glued to the floor. This padding is what makes the carpet feel so soft and spongy when you walk on it. Then, the carpet gets tacked in place using special tools and tack strips. Tack strips are strips of wood with tiny, slanted tacks protruding out of them. 

Why carpet harbors dirt and particles

When dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other particles land on the carpet, they will eventually work their way under the surface of the carpet, where they will reside between the carpet and the padding. When you walk on the carpet, some of the dust and other debris can be pushed back through the surface of the carpet and back into the air. When you vacuum, the sucking of the vacuum cleaner will pull up some of the particles, but many others contaminants will remain below the surface because the vacuum isn't strong enough to force them all out. When the particles stay under the carpet, they can continue to be pushed back into the air constantly. This can affect the air quality of the home, making it a dustier home and causing people with asthma, allergies, and other conditions to be affected often. 

Why professional carpet cleaning helps

When a professional carpet cleaner comes out, they use very powerful carpet cleaning equipment that's professional-grade. It will use much more suction power than your vacuum cleaner will. This causes the majority of the particles to finally be removed from below the surface of the carpet. Now, the air quality will be greatly improved. 

Also, just as how that professional-grade equipment does a much better job of removing the particles, it will also do better at getting rid of surface dirt, grime, and stains. On top of using that equipment, the professionals will also use better solutions, and they know which solutions to use for which stains. Now that you see the importance of professional carpet cleaning, you'll want to make sure you have it done to your home's carpet.

For more information about carpet cleaning, contact a local cleaning service.