Have A Commercial Company? Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service To Keep Things Clean

Posted on: 28 October 2022

If you own a commercial company, it is important that you keep things clean. This will not only help your employees but also give your customers a good first impression of your business. One way to do this is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Below are some things they can clean for you. 

Clean Carpets 

If you have carpeting in your commercial building, a cleaning service will clean the carpeting for you. They can do this in different ways, but steam cleaning is often used. This is done by using hot steam to get the carpet fibers clean, which means the carpet dries much faster. If there are stains on the carpeting, the service has spot treatments they can use to remove the stains. 

Cleaning carpets is important because pollutants, such as mold spores, dirt, dust mites, and allergens, can get stuck in carpet fibers. Each time someone walks on the carpet these things are released into the air. Cleaning your carpets regularly will also help them last much longer for you, which can save you money. 

Clean Upholstery

If your company has upholstered furniture, it can become dirty from day-to-day use. A cleaning service can clean upholstery for you to remove dirt, allergens, and germs. They can also remove stains on upholstery. This is especially important if you run a doctor's office or an office that has a lot of foot traffic. 

Office furniture can be expensive and cleaning the upholstery is one way to make these furniture pieces last longer. This includes cleaning office chairs for you and your employees, cleaning chairs in conference or meeting rooms, cleaning chairs and couches in the lobby, and much more. 

Clean Air Ducts

The air ducts need to be kept clean because if there is dirt, mold, mildew, etc. inside of them, they can get inside your building. When the air flows through the air ducts, it picks up what is inside and carries it through the vents. Your employees would then breathe in mold spores, dust, etc. 

Cleaning air ducts is not an easy job for you to do on your own. A commercial cleaning company has the experience and knowledge to clean air ducts in commercial buildings. If they see any damage while cleaning, they will let you know. You can then hire an HVAC contractor to repair the ducts for you. 

Contact a local commercial cleaning service to learn more.