4 Questions To Ask A Residential Cleaning Company When You're Getting A Price Quote For Services

Posted on: 24 June 2022

If you're having trouble keeping your house clean due to a busy schedule or because you just hate housecleaning, then call a residential cleaning service for help. With regular visits from a cleaning service, your house stays in good shape so it doesn't accumulate dust, grime, and foul odors. Cleaning companies have their own policies, so you may want to discuss the following topics with the residential cleaning services you call for price quotes.

1. How Should You Prepare For Services?

Your cleaning company may request that you pick up clutter before they arrive. If you don't have time to sort it, you could place the clutter on your bed so it's out of the way. Go through your home with a laundry basket and pick up pet toys, clothes, shoes, and anything else that's in the way of cleaning floors and surfaces in your home.

A cleaning service doesn't usually declutter or do laundry. Instead, they focus on cleaning your home, so if you have things picked up, work progresses faster and you can avoid additional fees.

2. Why Do Some Visits Costs More?

The first time the residential cleaning company comes to your home usually costs more than the following visits. That's because your home will probably need to be deep cleaned if you've not used a professional cleaning service in a long time. Once the deep cleaning is finished, the following visits go faster and cost less.

Also, you can have visits weekly, bi-weekly, three times a month, or once a month. If you just have monthly visits, each visit may cost more than a weekly visit since your home has more time to accumulate dust and grime.

3. Will You Need To Be Home?

Some residential cleaning companies don't require you to be home while they're working. This allows them to clean your house while you're at work and the kids are in school. However, whether you decide to let the cleaning crew in your house while you're not there is up to your comfort level.

You can leave a key at the cleaning office, use a garage opener, give them a touchpad code, or hide a key for them to gain entry to your home. Leave special instructions if you have a dog or cat so they don't let your pet out accidentally. It's also acceptable if you feel more comfortable being home while the crew works.

4. How Are Cleaning Supplies Managed?

If you need to use specific cleaning supplies due to allergies or other reasons, let the cleaning company know upfront. Residential cleaning companies supply their own cleaning products because the cleaning crew is used to the products and they learn how to use them effectively and what products are needed for each cleaning situation. This ensures your home is cleaned well without ruining any surfaces or fabrics. However, the cleaning company might accommodate your special requests.

 Contact a local residential cleaning company for more info.