2 Carpet Cleaning Techniques That Professionals Use

Posted on: 19 May 2022

A homeowner may use basic techniques to clean their carpeting, including vacuuming and wiping a soapy sponge across dirty carpet strands. These techniques fail to remove many allergens and dirt deposits. A professional carpet cleaner will sanitize carpets and may incorporate one of the following techniques into their cleaning regimen:

Hot Water Extraction

Water that has been heated inside of a commercial carpet cleaning machine is extracted and embedded deep into carpet fibers. A carpet cleaning machine that utilizes an extraction method combines force with heat. This combination ensures that the water hits the base of each carpet strand that comprises a carpet. In addition to the pressure and water that's applied, a cleaning agent is administered to the carpet fibers.

Typically, a carpet cleaning technician will apply a cleaning agent first. This will allow ample time for a cleaning agent to penetrate, prior to the release of hot water. After the initial steps have been conducted, the same machine is used to suck up the moisture from a carpet. Once the cleaning process has been completed, stains will be eliminated. It may take an hour or two for a carpet to dry.

Absorbent Agent

An absorbent agent cleansing method involves releasing granules onto carpeting. The granules will not only absorb allergens and dirt particles, but they will also neutralize odors. This type of cleaning process is conducted with a piece of machinery that contains a chamber that holds granule pieces. Once a machine is turned on and engaged, a carpet cleaning professional will have full control of where the machine's nozzle is aimed.

A mechanical brush attachment is used to disperse granules and embed them deep between carpet fibers. A carpet cleaning technician may wait several minutes for the granules to collect debris from a carpet. Afterward, they will hook up a specialized vacuum that is designed to treat carpets that have had granules applied to them. This type of machine will collect all of the granules, plus any dirt or allergens that were collected during the cleaning process.

One benefit of using this type of cleaning technique — over another that utilizes hot water — is that there is no need to wait for carpet fibers to dry. Once an absorbent agent has successfully been applied and collected from a carpet, the floor covering is ready for use. Foot traffic can come into contact with a carpet's fibers and will not disrupt the carpet's appearance.

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