Why It's Worth It To Budget For Janitorial Services

Posted on: 30 March 2022

Whether you own a small business or a larger company, the cleanliness of your building is going to impact your sales, profits, and even the retention of your employees. While it's not uncommon to have your staff keep their own work areas clean and to help out with some assigned workplace chores regarding cleanliness, the sole upkeep of the building should never rest on the shoulders of you or your employees alone.

If you don't have a budget for regular janitorial services, or if you haven't budgeted for janitorial services at all, now is the time to get on board. According to the CDC, a sanitary cleaning of your building should be done daily, with a few times a day being necessary if there are active viral outbreaks in the workplace. A deeper janitorial services cleaning should be done often as well, but how often is really up to you and several factors, including what industry you're in, how large your building is, how many employees you have, and your budget.

Here are reasons why it's worth it to budget for janitorial services. Average costs for commercial janitorial services is around $200 per cleaning, but your costs may be more or less depending on how large your building is and where you're located.

You have happier staff

A healthy and clean workplace equals healthy and happy staff, especially if your employees aren't having to clean bathrooms, vacuum, mop, and do other cleaning tasks themselves. In budgeting for janitorial services even a few times a month, you allow the workplace to be much cleaner and safer to be in and don't overwork your staff. Your employees can spend time on their individual tasks and less time on office chores. Your staff can still be expected to keep their private work areas cleaned and sanitized.

You have a more professional building

When you invest in janitorial services for your company, you make your building more professional and put more investment in what you have to offer to the community. In outsourcing the cleaning you need done, you invest in other businesses and make your business more established. You can write off much of your janitorial services as a business expense, so try to budget in as much of these services as you can without making too many workplace sacrifices.

Even a professional cleaning once a month can make your building much more safe and productive. You can get a schedule for janitorial services that works best for you.