Are Your Windows Off-Putting? Here's The Solution - Hire Window Washers

Posted on: 24 February 2022

Glass is a popular construction material. Glass is ideal for allowing light to stream into a building. Plus, this material is available in various colors, enabling homeowners to pick a product that suits their needs and preferences. However, like other parts of your home, glass windows become dirty over time. Some of the reasons why that happens are outlined below. The last section also recommends the best solution for dirty windows. 

1.       Grease

If your home has a regularly-used kitchen area, you are likely familiar with grease buildup on window surfaces. These mostly come from cooking oil spatters happening close to glass windows. And the more you cook, the more grease and oil escape into the atmosphere and eventually accumulate on your windows. As time goes by, simple grease stains turn into significant residues or form thick films that make the glass hazy and unattractive. And no matter how keen you are on cleaning other surfaces, your kitchen will never achieve that spotless look if the windows are streaked with grease from oily foods and cooking products.  

2.       Waterborne pollutants

Most homeowners prefer handling minor tasks by themselves. But don't be duped into believing window-cleaning is a small project you can DIY. For one, you may be ignorant of the effect of washing your windows with hard water and proceed to use it. The reason is hard water is packed with compounds and minerals, including sulfates, calcium, and magnesium. After washing and drying, these dissolved chemicals leave whitish splatters and spots on windows.

3.       Airborne pollutants

Outdoor air contains various pollutants that often build up on glass window exteriors. One of these is soot. Airborne soot is primarily released when a carbon-based material undergoes incomplete combustion. Generally, most materials susceptible to burning, such as diesel fuel, natural gas, and wood, can produce soot. If your home is an area with many flowering plants, the pollen they release can also accumulate on glass windows, undermining transparency and visual appeal. And, if you live in an urban area with considerable traffic, car exhaust and dust are the airborne pollutants you should expect to deal with when it comes to your windows.

Hire Window Washing Services       

The best way to ensure every dirty window on your building is clean is by hiring window washing services. These experts have the knowledge required to successfully execute the cleaning project, including products and equipment needed to eliminate stubborn stains like oil streaks. 

Call a window washer in your area if you have questions.