3 Tips for Deep Cleaning a Foreclosed Home Before Moving In

Posted on: 16 August 2021

After buying a foreclosed home, you could be desperate to make updates so that it can begin to feel like your own. Before you officially start moving in all of your things, however, it's a good idea to assess the extent of cleaning that could be necessary.

Since foreclosed homes often have a bit more mess than a home listed by the owner, you'll need to see which areas will need cleaning and how professional help can be the best solution.

Pay Attention to the Carpeting

One of the areas of the home that could require the most attention is the carpet. Carpet fibers can trap a lot of dust, hair, and other allergens. Focusing on this area first can ensure that the home doesn't have any foul odors or visible wear as soon as you step inside.

Since it can be hard to assess the condition of the carpeting and determine which areas can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced, bringing in a professional can give you the necessary insight.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

As you prepare for deep cleaning in the home, it's smart to consider which areas get the most foot traffic. The entryway to the home and the living room is likely going to require the most attention.

With this insight, you can arrange for cleaning that focuses on these areas especially. This can help you achieve a much deeper clean and avoid a situation where you're frustrated with the condition of your home after moving in.

Make Your Health the Priority

When assessing how dirty a foreclosed home is, you need to watch for any areas that can be harmful to your health. Any signs of mold need to be taken seriously since some types of mold can lead to extreme reactions in those sensitive to them.

Having a professional cleaner take care of deep cleaning in the home can help you remove any areas that need special treatment to remediate any mold present at home. Since you don't want breathing issues or any problems in the home to worsen, you can get the home assessed before bringing in all your belongings and moving in.

Updating your home doesn't need to be a confusing process when you leave most of the work to a professional. By reaching out to cleaners and seeing what's going to make the most significant difference in how clean the home is, you can feel much more confident moving in and having your home be welcoming, despite it being a foreclosure initially.

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