Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your Business Floor Coverings

Posted on: 14 December 2020

Steam and a water extraction process are used during a professional carpet cleaning session. If the carpets in your office are heavily soiled, meet with a representative of a carpet cleaning service, and make preparations to have the floor coverings treated.

An Analysis And The Steps

A reputable carpet cleaning business will request that a representative of the company inspects the carpets in your office and measures them. The degree of staining and whether or not any furnishings will be covering the carpeting and need to be moved by a cleaner can impact the amount you will be charged.

You will be provided with a breakdown of the costs, which may include separate fees for each stain that needs to be lifted from each carpet. A carpet cleaning technician may remove wrinkles from floor coverings, treat mold and mildew, and neutralize odors, in addition to the standard cleaning procedures that are used to remove dirt and stains from fibers. 

The Preparations And Aftercare

If you are able to move all of the furnishings that are currently covering the carpets, complete this task before the carpet cleaning session is scheduled to begin. If the carpeting is going to be cleaned during working hours, you will need to come up with a temporary solution for your employees, such as moving them into an alternate room and allowing them to complete their work duties there.

If this is not possible, consider allowing your employees to work remotely on the day of the cleaning. The steam cleaning process will leave carpet fibers wet for a while, and this could hinder your ability to move furnishings back into the office. More water and cleaning agents may need to be administered if surfaces are heavily-soiled. 

Sweep around the baseboards and clean the molding that runs around the perimeter of the office. These cleaning tasks are not necessary, but they will ensure that the carpet technician can focus on the stains that are being treated and will prevent loose dirt particles from becoming embedded in the freshly-cleaned carpeting.

After the carpets have been cleaned and have dried, restore your office to its original setup. Use floor runners to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets, especially on days when it is raining out. Clear floor runners will not compromise the beauty of the floor coverings and will only need to be laid out in high traffic areas.

For more information about professional carpet cleaning services, contact a local cleaning company.