Hiring Janitorial Cleaning Services To Clean Schools: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 31 October 2019

Schools are always in need of good janitorial help. If this rings true of your school district, and your schools are a little short on janitorial help, you can hire commercial janitorial services to fill in the open positions. Before you get started, here are a few things you need to know and/or share with the service staff you hire.  

Bathroom Cleanings Are a Nightly Thing

Not all janitorial services will clean bathrooms. School bathrooms have to be cleaned nightly to prevent health problems and contagious diseases with the students. You will need to communicate that with every janitorial service you call so that they can tell you whether or not their business and their employees are willing to clean bathrooms. If you can find and hire a service that has no problem with nightly bathroom cleanings, hire all the available staff they have, or at least enough to cover the schools in your district that do not have enough janitorial staff. 

Floors Have to Be Swept and Mopped Nightly Too

School floors have to be kept clean. Kids drag in mud, dirt, sand, rocks, snow, and rainwater on and in their footwear. This goes all over the floors in the schools, and then the floors have to be swept and cleaned nightly. Thankfully, most janitorial services are willing to manage and maintain the appearance of floors. 

Disinfect All Touchable Surfaces

Regardless of any janitorial service you contact, the disinfection of all touchable surfaces is part of their job. They already do this for offices, stores, public buildings (e.g., libraries and town halls), etc.. Just be sure to clarify that you mean everything from door handles to light switches to desktops. All of these surfaces definitely should be done weekly when a contagious illness like the flu or strep throat breaks out in a single classroom. 

Garbage Out

Garbage is usually the very last task that any janitorial service provides. Putting the garbage out last allows the janitors to throw everything from floor sweepings and cleanings into the trash, and then remove the bags of trash to take out when the cleaning job is complete. You almost never have to ask a janitor, commercial or otherwise, to remove the trash at the end of their shift. It is an automatic thing. You only have to say something and specify where the trash needs to be removed to and that should take care of the problem.