3 Tips To Get Carpet Cleaning In A Cat-Filled House

Posted on: 15 October 2019

As soon as you bought a home, you may have started looking to adopt a cat or two until you ended up with multiple cats. In a house with several cats, you will find yourself cleaning up different types of messes such as cat hair and nails that you may find on the floor all over.

If you have a lot of carpeting and you are interested in doing a deep clean to make it look new again, you should hire carpet cleaning professionals to help with this process. Following a few tips is important if you want to enjoy the greatest results while living in a cat-filled house.

Cat Hair Preparation

While cat hair may be on the floor primarily, you will likely find it sticking to fabric and getting on most of the surfaces throughout your home. While you could get carpet cleaning right away, you may still end up with cat hair that gets tossed around the house shortly after the cleaning.

An ideal way to prepare for this experience is to do a thorough cleaning and dusting that involves targeting any areas with cat hair buildup. Cleaning the hair up is the best solution, but you should also be okay with getting it off of furniture and surfaces and onto the carpet in the house. This will make it so that carpet cleaners are able to remove all the cat hair with great effectiveness.

Hairball Hot Spots

Another area to focus on in your house is where your cats often spit up hairballs. The carpet in these areas may look dirtier than the rest of the house because of these routine hairballs. You may want to invest in carpet protectant to help with preventing discoloration and stains.

This extra service should also give you peace of mind knowing that you can go without noticing a hairball for several hours without ending up with inevitable discoloration.

Cat Relocation

When you are planning to get a cleaning service, you should think about where you should relocate your cats so that everyone has a pleasant experience. For instance, you want to make sure that the carpet cleaners do not have to worry about the cats, which means you should consider picking a room or space without any carpet to keep them so that you do not have to move the cats around.

A great option is the garage as long as you are able to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Using these tips will lead to the best results for residential carpet cleaning in a cat-filled home.