Do You Manage A Coworking Space? 3 Tips To Encourage Everyone To Keep It Clean

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Coworking offices provide freelancers and other professionals with a place to get their work done while also enjoying some social interaction. While being surrounded by other creative and intelligent people is inspiring, having so many people coming in and out of an office space can create a few issues when it comes to cleaning. As the main person in charge, you have a responsibility to help ensure that everyone enjoys a clean and sanitary work environment, and you can use these tips to get everyone committed to helping.

Establish House Rules

Since shared areas tend to accumulate messes faster, you need to make sure that everyone understands how to follow a few basic rules of courtesy. For instance, spills should be cleaned up immediately since a person never knows who may need to use an area later. You may also ask that people take home things such as food from the refrigerator at the end of each week so that no one is forced to do a massive cleaning out of things that are not theirs. Once you make a list of rules, be sure to post them in areas such as the break room where new people can read them and understand the expectations.

Make It Easy to Clean Up

You can also do things to encourage people to clean up after themselves. For instance, office cleaning is much more effective if people have easy access to trashcans and cleaning supplies. Try to identify areas where messes tend to accumulate. For instance, an overflowing trash can in the bathroom may mean that you need an extra one. Alternatively, you may want to store cleaning wipes and towels near the coffee machine. 

Plan for Professional Cleanings

The people who come to your coworking office have important tasks to accomplish. While you can expect them to pick up their trash and wipe up spills, they likely do not have time to do things such as scrubbing the floors. Professional office cleaning services help to ensure that areas such as the floors and bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to helping keep things sanitary, you'll also find that the members of your space are more likely to clean up after themselves when they are working within a pristine environment.

As a general rule, most people prefer to work in a clean and clutter-free environment. Yet, it does sometimes take some guidance to get everyone committed to doing their part. By establishing house rules and arranging for regular cleanings, you can be certain that your coworking environment always has a professional appearance.