Fighting A Never-Ending Bathroom Mold Battle? Here's How To Win!

Posted on: 31 December 2018

If you are tired of spending your weekends cleaning mold in your bathroom, then there may be a systemic problem that requires a more comprehensive cleaning plan. 

Eradicating mold requires you to remove all of the active colonies you can see and the spores you can't.

To finally win the mold battle, follow this procedure:

Thoroughly Inspect the Bathroom for Mold 

Before you start cleaning, inspect every inch of the bathroom. Every area where you find mold will need to be cleaned. Don't forget to look under sinks, in cabinets, and on the ceiling above the shower. 

Clean Everything Installed on the Ceiling

To remove all of the mold spores present in the room, you need to clean from the top down. Start with the ceiling and wipe down light fixtures, vents, and heater registers. 

Wipe Down the Walls 

Mold spores will stick to the texture of your bathroom walls. To remove them, wipe down the walls using a damp rag. If you find mold growing on a wall or on the ceiling, then you need to repaint. When you buy the paint, ask to have a mold-inhibitor added to prevent future issues.

Remove and Replace Any Moldy Caulking 

Caulking is somewhat porous and once it starts growing mold it will never stop no matter how much you clean it. If any of the caulking in your bathroom has mold or is damaged, then replace it. Caulking is very cheap and simple to apply. If you simply bleach it to remove mold, then the following week it will be covered again from new spore growth. 

Clean the Tub/Shower, Sink, and Toilet with Bleach 

Mix some bleach in a bucket with water, and use it to wipe down and clean the tub/shower, sink, and toilet. The bleach solution will kill any mold spores present and do a good job of cleaning the porcelain. 

Sweep and Mop the Floor to Finish Removing Mold Spores

Since mold spores fell onto the floor while you were cleaning, you need to carefully sweep and then mop the floor to remove them. When sweeping, use gentle strokes to prevent making the spores airborne. When mopping, use the bleach solution to kill any mold spores left behind. 

Consider Having Your Home Tested for Mold 

In conclusion, it's vital to note that mold is a health hazard. Now that you have cleaned and eliminated the mold in your bathroom, you should consider having your home tested for the presence of additional mold spores. If mold is still present, then professional mold remediation will stop both your bathroom mold problem and protect your family from illness in the future.