3 Tips To Help You Clean Your Apartment Before Moving Out

Posted on: 24 November 2018

Moving is always a stressful experience. Packing is time-consuming, and you need to remember to cancel all of the services tied to your old residence. With all the things you need to do, it can be easy to let cleaning slip your mind. If you find yourself facing a move out inspection with a dirty apartment, don't worry. With a little planning and hard work, you can fix it. Here are three tips to help you get your apartment clean in no time:

1. Get rid of all distractions.

Under normal circumstances, it's fine if you get distracted during cleaning, but you need to focus to clean up your apartment as soon as possible. Put your phone on silent so you're not tempted to check it and disconnect your Wi-Fi. This will keep you from getting distracted checking your email or social media. You can play music to keep your spirits up while you clean, but avoid movies and television shows which are too distracting.

2. Take breaks.

Although it's important not to get side-tracked watching TV shows, you should take breaks as you clean. Set an alarm to remind you to take a short break every hour. This is a good time for you to use the restroom, drink some water, or eat a snack. When you have a whole apartment to clean, you're going to be working all day; it's important to take care of yourself so you have the energy for a marathon cleaning session.

3. Call in the professionals.

You can do most of the cleaning on your own, but there are some things that are better left to professionals. Mold can be a real problem in bathrooms with poor circulation, and it can be dangerous to try to remove it yourself. Especially if mold has seeped into tile grout, it can be next to impossible to clean on your own. If you want your full deposit returned, you should call a professional bathroom tile cleaning service. An experienced cleaner will be able to remove mold, mildew, and soap scum to make your bathroom look as good as new.

When you're cleaning on a deadline, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Panicking leads to procrastination, which helps no one. With these simple tips, you'll be able to clean your apartment in a single weekend so you can get back your whole security deposit. Contact a service, like Ultra Clean of Arkansas, if you need more help.