Carpet Cleaning Companies: What To Ask

Posted on: 8 June 2018

While you or staff members might vacuum periodically, as time passes you may start to question whether professional help is necessary to take care of stains, high traffic areas, and deep cleaning to restore the original look of the carpets. This can be very important if you have visiting clients and want to impress them. Carpet cleaning businesses can beautify your carpets, but it's vital to first ask these questions to enable a good partnership.

1-What Time Will You Clean?

If deep cleaning is what you need for your carpets, that work will probably result in carpets that stay wet for some time. That can affect how employees are able to travel on the carpets; in fact, it's probably better if employees are not present, just to avoid any possible slips. 

What you may inquire about is whether the carpet company can accommodate you by working on Saturday or Sunday while the offices are empty. They might even work during the overnight hours. However, some companies will charge a bit more for those kinds of hours. 

2-Are Individual Services Possible?

Deep cleaning might be the goal right now, but you may want to stop vacuuming yourself and have a company take over. Your budget may be able to afford individual services rather than big packages, so ask if you can price out certain services only when you need them.

3-Are Long-Term Contracts Discounted?

One thing you may find out early on is whether the carpet contract is willing to bring the price down for your company if you'll be around for a while. If you have plans to use them for a year or longer, multiple times a month, ask about discounts available. If you personally own other commercial buildings, you may be able to put them all under contract to the same carpet contractor if the savings are there.

4-Are Natural Products Used? 

You may pride yourself on company branding that trumpets your environmentally-friendly way of handling paper and other materials in the office. Therefore, to align with your own practices, you might seek carpet cleaners that use natural products. Ask about the chemicals they use and research them to ensure they're effective on stains. 

Cleaning and caring for office carpets are easier when professionals help. These related questions enable you to select a competent, affordable, and cooperative carpet cleaner. Interview local carpet cleaning services to choose an appropriate partner for your own business.