4 Reasons Not To Use A Home Carpet Scrubbing Machine

Posted on: 16 April 2018

When your carpet begins to look dirty, your first thought may be to rush out and buy a rug scrubber from your local department store. Here, you'll learn why those scrubbers aren't the best option for cleaning your carpets and what needs to be done instead.

1. Spots and Stains

The spots and stains that you hope to scrub out of your carpet might end up causing more problems if you attempt to use a scrubbing machine on them. If the dirt isn't fully extracted from the carpet when it's wet, the dirt that has caused the spot will wick up through the fibers and cause an even bigger, more challenging stain.

2. Moisture

Rub scrubbing machines use water and cleaning solutions to clean the carpeting. Unfortunately, these machines are typically very good at putting the mixture down, but not so great about pulling it all back up out of the carpet fibers.

When the moisture is left in the carpet, it will cause problems with mold, mildew and bad odors. This is especially true when you oversaturate the carpet with the hopes that more cleaning solution will help the stains and dirt come out of the carpeting. The more moisture you put down, the more you have to pull up, and many times, this step is cut short because you cannot physically see the moisture left in the carpet.

3. Fiber Abuse

Those rotating brushes can cause more harm than good. If the brush is set too low or is not adjustable, the carpet could be taking a beating that it really doesn't need. Instead of pulling the dirt out of the carpet, the beater brush is pushing the dirt further down into the fibers making it even more difficult to clean.

4. Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you keep your home generally clean, you should need a professional carpet cleaning about once each year. If you have pets, kids, or don't stay on top of vacuuming regularly, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned twice each year.

The equipment and supplies that professional cleaners use will not leave all of that nasty stuff down in your carpets. So, when the cleaning technicians are done, your carpets should be barely wet, should smell great and shouldn't have the wicking problems that you'd see if you used a home scrubber.

Contact a local carpet cleaning company like M W Carpet Cleaning Unlimited LLC to learn more about having your carpet cared for properly so that it looks, smells and feels great for years to come.