Cleaning Every Nook and Cranny: 4 Places to Check Before You Move

Posted on: 17 November 2016

Whether you have to move quickly or are not planning on moving out for a few months, thorough cleaning and organizing won't just help you get your full security deposit back but will also put you on firm footing when you move to your new home. A lot of people underestimate how long it takes to thoroughly clean their homes in anticipation of a move, and often people leave behind dirt or even important personal items. Focusing on the four main reasons listed below will help you to clean your house efficiently, leaving you more time to pack, organize, and plan for relocation.

1. The Kitchen - There are endless places for grime and dirt to hide in the kitchen area. Even after you think you have everything covered, you might suddenly remember that you forgot to clean the oven or defrost the freezer. Move-out cleaning services come behind previous tenants, getting all the hard-to-clean areas that are commonly overlooked. Not only are move-out cleaning services effective cleaners, but they can make an apartment or house spotless in mere hours.

2. Closets and Storage Spaces - Do you have a lot of closets in the home you plan to move out of soon? If so, you should be prepared with flashlight in hand to search deep in your closets and storage spaces for items that may have fallen or that have been pushed back so far on an overhead shelf that you can't see them. Cleaning the carpet in a closet can also be difficult, as getting into the corners and covering every inch of space requires dedication.

3. Common Living Areas - The areas of your home that get the most foot traffic are often the quickest to get dirty. You never know what you'll find in the living room after you move the furniture and roll up the area rugs. A move-out cleaning service can expertly handle cleaning living rooms with heavily stained carpeting, sticky walls, and ceiling fans covered in dust. You can count on having no excess dirt being left behind if you employ the services of a move-out cleaning company.

4. The Bathrooms - Even with tiling and hard surfaces, bathrooms can be among the dirtiest places in your home. In addition to scrubbing the shower and disinfecting the toilet, you have to be very careful not to encourage cross contamination. Different sets of cleaning implements should be used for the toilet, tub, and sink. If you don't want to spend a lot of time scrubbing the bathroom floors on your knees, hiring a move-out cleaner such as Apelila's In and Out Cleaning LLC might be a good solution.