How A Professional Can Help You Restore Water Damage

Posted on: 3 February 2016

If you have ever experienced what it's like to get water inside your basement, you are aware of what a frustrating experience it can be. It's important that you remove all of the water quickly, since it runs the risk of forming mildew and mold the longer it is there. Your best bet for removing all of it will be to seek out professional help, since they can do a better job than you can in the following ways.

Water Removal & Moisture Detection

A common mistake when a typical homeowner removes water is that they only remove the water they see. Water damage can be caused by more than the water that has collected, but moisture too. Moisture can be quite dangerous, since it gets into places that you cannot see, such as the walls and floorboards.

A professional water damage restoration company will have tools to help the detect moisture, such as infrared cameras. If you need to remove the water quickly, they also have commercial equipment that can do it much more efficiently than the tools you'll find at the local home improvement store.

Mold Elimination

One of the biggest concerns you should have about the effects of water in your home is mold growth. Not only will you need to disinfect the places that got wet, but you may need to replace aspects of your home that were soaked with water.

Since mold can easily travel in the air, mold elimination starts by closing off the rooms that were affected by water damage. Anything that was porous, like carpeting and drywall, will need to be replaced if you want to avoid a problem with mold growth. Surfaces that are non-porous will be thoroughly disinfected, which goes beyond a surface-level cleaning. Even if a surface is non-porous, it can breed mold if it is not properly cleaned.

If you do not have experience in water damage restoration, you may not know of all the ways mold can grow in the affected area.

Home Drying

You'll need more than towels to dry the area affected by water damage. The best way to do it is to get air circulating throughout the area, and a professional will do that using powerful fans. Dehumidifiers will also help remove the moisture in the air. This is crucial, since high moisture could lead to wood floors and walls swelling or warping.

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