Spring Is The Perfect Time For Carpet Shampooing

Posted on: 5 May 2015

In many homes, spring means spring cleaning – which includes dusting, vacuuming, and re-organizing closets. Have you thought of also including carpet shampooing in your spring cleaning routine this year? It's the perfect time of year to shampoo your carpet. Here's why:

Salt granules tracked into your home over the winter can damage the fibers if not removed.

Shampooing a carpet is not just about making it look cleaner. Removing any particles from the carpet extends its life. Little particles, such as the salt crystals that were probably tracked into your home on your winter boots, cause friction between the carpet fibers when someone walks over them. Remove these particles, and your carpet fibers will stay looking new and intact for much longer.

If you think there is no salt on your carpet because you take off your shoes at the door during the winter, think again. Salt accumulates at the bottom of wet pants, gets tracked in on your moist socks, and works its way into the carpet after soaking through floor mats. You may not have as much salt in your rug if you don't walk in with your shoes on, but there's probably some salt there – and now that spring is here, you should get rid of it.

You can open the windows to air the room out after shampooing.

The faster you dry a wet carpet, the better. Letting the water slowly evaporate over several days may lead to mold formation and an unwanted musty smell. In the spring when the weather is nice, you can open the windows after you clean the carpet, encouraging better air flow so it dries out more quickly. You can even place a fan backwards in the window to exhaust the moist air into the outdoors.

Dust tends to accumulate on the carpet when your heat is on during the winter.

Winter is a rough season for your carpet. If you live in a home with forced air, mold spores and dust particles are continually being thrown through the air. They land on your carpet, and in many cases, they get stuck there. This problem is even more significant if you have pets, since their dander and hair tend to accumulate in the carpet as it flows out of the air ducts, too. By removing these pesky particles from your carpet with a good springtime shampooing, you're setting the stage for a healthier summer.

Don't leave your carpet shampooing until later in the year. Tackle the task now while you can open the windows, so the salt and dust don't continue to wear on your carpet all year.

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