Alternative Window Cleaners For Your Home

Posted on: 22 April 2015

There are some downfalls that can come with using store-bought window cleaners on your home's windows. One common problem with these cleaners is while they do clean, they leave streaks you will need to go over and over again to get rid of. Also, some people are allergic to harsh cleaners and aren't able to use them. If you are looking for a better way to clean your windows, there are some great alternatives below that you can make yourself.

Water and a squeegee – If your windows are just dusty, or a little dirty, then you can get them clean with just water and a squeegee. Make sure you wipe the squeegee off with a paper towel after every swipe to avoid runs and streaks.

Water and vinegar – A mixture of water and vinegar will make a great window cleaner. Not only will it remove all the dirt from the windows, but it will do so without streaking. To make the mixture you will combine a cup of water with a half cup of vinegar. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it as you would any other window cleaner. If your windows have a lot of dirt and grime on them, then you can also add in a few drops of dish soap.

Dish soap – If you need to clean your windows quickly, you can grab your dish soap and clean them effectively. Mix a few drops of the dish soap with a couple cups of warm water. Use a squeegee for the best results. If you don't have a squeegee handy, newspaper will clean the windows without leaving a soapy film or streaks. Make sure you only use a small amount of the mixture.

Lemon juice and water – Citrus acid is a great natural cleaner. Along with being great to use for cleaning your sinks and bathtubs, it also works well on windows. To make this mixture you will add about a quarter cup of lemon juice to a couple cups of water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it to clean your windows.

The above tips will make it easy for you to clean your windows without using commercial window cleaners. If you can't reach your windows or don't want to do them yourself, you can hire a residential window cleaning service to come out and clean the windows in your house for you.