Why Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Might Increase Your Profit

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Companies are always looking for ways to increase the bottom line. This means careful allocation when funding the budget. One point that some business owners overlook, however, is outsourcing menial tasks that they or their employees perform. Here are some reasons why you should hire a commercial cleaning service.


Your employees are specialists in their field. You hired them because you believe they have the necessary qualities for your business to grow. When you sidetrack them from their primary responsibilities just to clean the office, they are not producing work that increases company profits. Moreover, they probably do not have the desire or expertise to clean a commercial establishment as effectively as an experienced janitor.

If your assistant spends 20 minutes a day cleaning, then your office is only getting a brief cosmetic touch. There is much more to cleaning than emptying the trash cans and vacuuming. Janitors wash windows, scrub floors, dust and polish furniture and lamps, and wipe down appliances and door knobs among many other duties. It takes at least 2 hours to properly clean an office.


Professional cleaners use heavy-duty commercial equipment. Their vacuum cleaners do a better job of removing dirt from carpeting, and their floor machines scrub and wax large areas quickly and effectively.

Unless your business is very large, it's just not cost-effective to purchase commercial equipment. Additionally, you would need space to store the machinery. Some chores, such as waxing floors, cannot be done when the business is open, and this limits your ability to clean the office during regular hours.


Most businesses cannot afford the expense of a full-time janitor. They opt to outsource this chore to enjoy daily or biweekly cleaning without paying someone's salary, benefits, or payroll taxes. Your overhead costs are less since you are sharing the cleaning team with other businesses in the area.

There are other expenses your company will avoid by hiring a commercial cleaning service. For example, you won't have to pay for equipment repairs, purchase cleaning supplies, or pay overtime for someone to stay late to clean and polish the floors. Cleaning companies work around your schedule.


Let your employees concentrate on doing the job they know best so your company can prosper and expand. Time away from their primary function just to clean the office is not productive. Commercial cleaning companies work hard to accommodate your needs. They keep your business in pristine shape so employees and visitors feel welcome. It's the most effective use of your allocated dollars.